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Brady's Irish Tea Barrel Aged Loose Leaf Tea in a Tin

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Barrel Aged Loose Leaf Tea

We love Brady's because this family-owned and operated business in the beautiful County Wicklow of Ireland produces some of the finest quality teas and coffees! This loose leaf tea is aged in high quality whiskey barrels that will make any Irishman proud. Created from carefully selected black leaves from Kenya, this aged tea is seasoned with Oak Irish Whiskey Barrels, infusing the irresistible flavor into this aromatic beverage.

We think you'll enjoy the sweet and oaky flavor of this Brady's tea! Not to mention it comes in a gorgeous, old-fashioned tin can!

  • Aged in Irish whiskey barrels
  • Loose leaf tea
  • Contains less than 1% alcohol due to barrel aging

Capacity - 100g


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