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Brady's Barrel Aged Whiskey Coffee Bottle

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Whiskey Coffee in a Bottle

Brady's Barrel Aged Whiskey Coffee adds the robust power of whiskey barrels to your morning brew. This barrel-aged coffee is matured in the highest quality oak barrels once used to produce some of Ireland’s finest whiskeys.

Top-grade green coffee beans are aged in whiskey barrels, rolled daily over the course of weeks to impart whiskey flavor into the beans before they are roasted in small batches. This medium roast makes a smooth cup of coffee; ideal as an after-dinner beverage, the basis of a perfect Irish Coffee, or even as a cold brew. 

This coffee is best served in a cafetiere, pour-over, or drip filter. 

  • Barrel-Aged
  • Hand Roasted In Ireland
  • 100% Arabica coffee
  • Whole Bean
  • Contains no alcohol content
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