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Celtic Ranchwear Detailed Woven Celtic Scarf

SKU CR-SC393.1
Color: Nordic Blue

Celtic Themed Wool Scarves

The detail that is woven into these Celtic scarves is so intricately unique that it will add a touch of artistry to any style you wear. Wrap it over your shoulders with a dress or simply knot it around your neck with your favorite jeans and t-shirt, adding flair and style to both. Show off your heritage with the classic Celtic symbols and designs. These Irish woven scarfs make a beautiful gift for women of all ages! For a unisex style, see our wool fringe scarf.

  • Available in multiple styles and designs.
  • Made in Scotland.

Material - 45% Pure New Wool and 55% Acrylic

Measurement - 15" W x 62" L : plus 3" of fringing on both ends

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Robert Willis

My wife loves it

We love our scarves! Definitely unique and one of a kind. Thank you for shopping with us, Robert!

Debbi & Robert Hamerly
Love the scarf! Love the Celtic Ranch!

Beautiful scarf. Purchased this one for a gift and it was a big hit.

beautiful quality scarf

The scarf was more beautiful than the picture! I just returned from visiting Scotland and didn't buy all the gifts I wanted...I wanted a scarf MADE IN SCOTLAND and was very pleased with this purchase. Would shop at this site again
(Verified Amazon Customer Review 10/2/2018)

Beautiful scarf. I am very impressed with Celtic Ranch

Beautiful scarf. I am very impressed with Celtic Ranch. The scarf was wrapped in tissue paper. Teresa sent a thank you note...who does that in this day and age? Well done! MM
(Verified Amazon Customer Service 8/30/2018)

Celtic border scarf

I bought this scarf in Scotland and was thrilled to find it available in the states at your store! It is a soft, beautiful scarf. It ads the pop of color to my winter days! It is so soft and beautiful! Well worth purchasing.

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