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Connemara Bracelet (Assorted)


Connemara Bracelets

Connemara marble, also known as "Ireland's gemstone," roots back to hundreds of years ago. With its beautiful, earthy green color, these bracelets make wonderful gifts to your friends and loved ones. Or a gift to yourself to add to your jewelry collection! Each bracelet showcases a beautiful Celtic symbol or simple Connemara design. Each one is uniquely different and collectable!

  • Connemara marble from Ireland
  • One bracelet per order

Material - Connemara Marble

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Wonderful Quality Irish Marble and Irish Workmanship

This is a great companion piece to a connemara marble necklace and even fit my wife's small wrist nicely.

Thanks for shopping with us, Robert! Customers like you make a BIG difference to our small business!

love Celtic Ranch

Love my Connemara bracelet! Since Irish Fest was cancelled, decided to visit Weston anyway with my husband, brother, and his girlfriend. Had to shop at Celtic Ranch. There's always treasures to find there, which I did. Absolutely love my bracelet! Always great fun wandering the store in search of goodies.

Thank you for shopping small and shopping local! We hope to see you back around Celtic Ranch again soon :)

Jodie Leiss
Love my Connemara Bracelet

Had been eyeing these beauties for months. 39th wedding anniversary seemed like the perfect occasion to purchase one. So many pretty varieties. How do you pick just one? I’ll be back for more!

Happy anniversary, Jodie! Connemara marble sure is irresistible. We're sure you look marvelous in it! Thanks for shopping with us!

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