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Double Matted Green 8" x 10" Celtic Cards

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Matte Celtic Prints

The art of hand lettering, illuminating, painting books, and writing scrolls on parch originated centuries ago by monastic artists. One of the most famous manuscripts in the world, the Book of Kells, was produced by ancient Irish monks and is still awed and wondered today. The artists of these gorgeous Celtic print replicas, Kevin Dillon, used the same medieval techniques the monks did many years ago. Using dip pens and quills with a mixture of crushed precious stones on calfskin velum, the final product is this magnificent work of art.

  • Available in multiple Celtic sayings, traditions, and prayers
  • Features artist's seal in wax at the bottom
  • Reproductions from original manuscripts
  • 1.25" frameborder

Measurements - 8.5x10 (including matte frame)

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