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Traditional Irish Walking Hat

SKU 83204-XL-HG
Color: Heather Green

Walking Hat

"Hanna Hats John Hanna talks tweed selection, online shopping"

"Hanna Hats Employment and Sustainable Practices"

A stroll is a perfect time to clear your mind and reflect. And why not do it in a stylish manner with this beautiful Irish walking hat! Made of traditional cotton, this Irish tweed walking hat brings you comfort and protection as you go about your day in timeless style. There's something for every gentleman with our variety of colors and sizes!

  • Made in Ireland
  • Available in 6 colors
  • Sizes S-2XL
  • Unisex
  • The attached feather may vary in color/appearance. The product pictured is used for reference - please call or email if you want more specific information about the style.
  • The patch style varies in pattern. The product pictured is used for reference - please call or email if you want more specific information about the style.


  • 100% Pure New Wool (patch, assorted, heather green, granite grey, black salt, and pepper)
  • 100% Cotton (wax green)

Care Instructions

  • Dry clean only

"Hanna Hats John Hanna talks tweed selection, online shopping"

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Craig Wellman

The Walking Hat is a high quality topper that managed to exceed my expectations by the time I was taking it out of the box. I ordered online and wasn't sure the black salt and pepper color would meet my needs but it is a beautiful color on a hat style that would flatter any face and easily fit into any color wardrobe. This is a structured hat that the Celtic Ranch crew packed so well it arrived (and quickly) perfectly intact and looking like it just came off the weaver's table. Nothing makes me think this hat won't last a really long time. I'm not normally a gusher, but the hat and the efficient process of the purchase and getting it to me managed to impress me. That's not easy.

Wow Craig! Thank you so much! We appreciate your support. We do love our Hanna Hats and treasure each one. Each hat is made by hand one at a time in County Donegal. We are only conduits to deliver a truly amazing product from Ireland made the old fashion way. So glad we exceeded your expectations. Without great people like you we wouldn't be here. So again, thank you!

Anthony White
Great looking and wearing Walking hat.

The way it looks, and fits, as well as the material and craftmanship.

Yes Anthony these Hanna Hats of Donegal are made one at a time the old fashion way! Thank you for your support!

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