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Heathergems Tree of Life Plated Earrings (HE89)

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Tree of Life Heathergem Dangle Earrings

What girl doesn't want a cute pair of Tree of Life Dangle earrings?  You will want to add these cute Tree of Life Healthergem Dangle Earrings to your jewelry collection!  These earrings are handcrafted in Scotland and made out of Scottish heather! Each gem varies in color due to the natural dying process. So, so beautiful!

The tree of life is found in many cultures. It represents the natural law of life. The branches reaching to the sky and the roots buried deep in the Earth reminds us of the interconnections of all living things. Wear a bit of Scotland anytime you like!

  • Gift box and "Heathergems Made in Scotland" storycard included.
  • Each item is individually crafted therefore some variation may occur.
  • Product pictured is used for reference to the shape in which the piece will come in.

Available Colors - red, blue, yellow, purple, green, orange

Material - Silver Plated

Measurements - 19 mm

Earring fitting - Fishhook 

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