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Men's Heavy Honeycomb Pullover Sweater

Original Price $124.99
Current Price $109.99

Heavyweight Pullover Honeycomb Sweater

This honeycomb unisex sweater from Ireland's Eye is ideal for someone who's looking for the weight of a hand-knit sweater. It's made from 100% Irish Wool and features beautiful honeycomb stitching, which represents the hardworking bee.
  • 100% Irish Merino Wool Unisex sweater made by Irelands Eye Knitwear
  • The center features the traditional Aran honeycomb stitching
  • Pullover Sweater is heavyweight making it perfect for frigid cold weather
  • Available in multiple colors

Material - 100% Merino Wool

Care Instructions

- Gently hand wash with a mild wool detergent 
- Reshape by hand and dry flat
- Alternatively, some wool sweaters can be dry cleaned BUT always check the care label first.
- Under no circumstances should you machine wash or tumble dry your wool sweater or any other wool products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Such a comfortable sweater!

Not only is it warm, but it's also really soft. I love it!

Thanks for shopping with us, Ted and Barbara! A sweater is perfect for this time of the year. Stay warm and stylish!

Mark Fischman
Super nice

This is a great sweater. Very warm but not too heavy. Fits my 5'8" frame pertectly. I strongly recommend

Thanks for shopping with us, Mark! Stay warm this winter season!

Edana Duran-Lynch
Daughter was thrilled

She was looking for a real wool sweater that wasn't trendy, but timeless. this is a wonderful piece that by the quality, she'll have for years to come. Fast Shipping from this store and cannot say enough good things about how they operate. Next year, everyone is getting Irish garb for Xmas!

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