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Irish Tweed Wool Driving Cap


Driving Cap

This classic 8-piece button top cap is made famous by the popular T.V. series "Peaky Blinders." This accessory makes the perfect finishing touch to a gentlemanly style. Match it with a tweed vest or jacket to achieve that classy look that never goes out of style. Choose between three beautiful and classic patterns and colors.

  • Please refer to our sizing guide for dimensions
  • 100% Tweed Wool
  • Imported from Ireland
  • The Trinity Cap is a beautifully handcrafted Irish Men's cap by Mucros Weavers
  • This stunning flat cap has been designed in Ireland by master weaver John Cahill in the Killarney National Forest
  • A stylish way to keep warm in the winter and makes a great men's gift from Ireland
  • The Trinity Cap features a modern take on a traditional style suiting men of all ages

Material - 100% Tweed Wool

Care Instructions

  • Dry Clean Only

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Shane Green

Irish Tweed Wool Driving Cap

Kerry Moran

Irish Tweed Wool Driving Cap

Rick Curl
Really comfortable!

I have a couple other similar caps but neither fit as comfortable as this one. I’ve have several compliments.

Bet you look pretty spiffy in that hat! Wish I had been your hat spirit guide....caz YOU always make me smile! Appreciate your kind words and support.

Shaun Vieten
Love it!

Originally ordered a small but called to change the order. I’m in between on the size chart. I spoke with Kara who spoke with the shipping person and they sent a medium. It fits great. Excellent quality. Love Mucros. My family bought a bunch of their hats when in Ireland. Have a friend that recommended them as well.

Yes Shaun Mucros make affordable luxury! Cara would never stir you wrong! YOU make a BIG difference to our small store. Appreciate you sharing your story

Bruce Stocking
Very Pleased

I'm very pleased with the tweed driving hat. It fits nicely and is made very well. Quality all the way!

Thanks Bruce! Irish made hats are the best! Thanks for shopping the Celtic Ranch!

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