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Irish Tweed Wool Driving Cap

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Color: 27

Driving Cap

This classic 8-piece button top cap is made famous by the popular T.V. series "Peaky Blinders." This accessory makes the perfect finishing touch to a gentlemanly style. Match it with a tweed vest or jacket to achieve that classy look that never goes out of style. Choose between three beautiful and classic patterns and colors.

  • Please refer to our sizing guide for dimensions
  • 100% Tweed Wool
  • Imported from Ireland
  • The Trinity Cap is a beautifully handcrafted Irish Men's cap by Mucros Weavers
  • This stunning flat cap has been designed in Ireland by master weaver John Cahill in the Killarney National Forest
  • A stylish way to keep warm in the winter and makes a great men's gift from Ireland
  • The Trinity Cap features a modern take on a traditional style suiting men of all ages

Material - 100% Tweed Wool

Care Instructions

  • Dry Clean Only
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