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Irish Soft Skellig Scarf


Unisex Soft Merino and Cashmere Scarf

The Mucros Weavers Skellig scarf is a cashmere and wool scarf. It is soft and warm to the touch. The scarf comes in a magnitude of bright colors. Authentically made in Ireland, you can trust that this scarf is a genuine piece of Irish wear that will last for years to come.

  • Available in multiple styles and colors.
  • Made in Ireland.
  • Unisex

Material - 87% Extra Fine Merino Wool, 8% Polyamide & 5% Cashmere

Measurements - 9" W x 62" L : plus 2" of fringe on both ends

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Raquel E Guynn
Go anywhere, do anything scarf

Soft and warm and beautiful, wear this with a coat or jacket or just to accent a sweater. Perfect!

Thank you Raquel! You would look good in any scarf but so proud you are wearing ours! Appreciate the kind words and your support!

I love my Skellig scarf

I received the color V90 Skellig scarf and it goes with everything! It is a great length, very soft, and cozy. Also, it coordinates beautifully with my backack and flapper hat in color 574-1 (unique combinations of beautiful colors:) Another great purchase form Celtic Ranch. This is a top notch small business - great customer service, incredibly fast shipping , and great prices.

Danielle Gerberi
Mucros scarf

Uniquely Irish as well as softly textured, warm and fashionable! Looking forward to wearing in cooler weather!

Beautiful scarf. I am very impressed with Celtic Ranch

Beautiful scarf. I am very impressed with Celtic Ranch. The scarf was wrapped in tissue paper. Teresa sent a thank you note...who does that in this day and age? Well done! MM
(Verified Amazon Customer Review 8/30/2018)

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