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The Tuath - Official Irish Whiskey Tasting Glass from Ireland

by Tuath
SKU 107953.1-1

Irish Whiskey Tuath Glass

The TUATH (tu - ah) is the official Irish Whiskey tasting glass. Tuath is a word from old Irish meaning family or nation. It is designed to enhance the Irish whiskey drinking experience. The shape helps nose the whiskey by enhancing the aroma at the top thus preparing the palate for flavor. The stem is not symmetrical but is reminiscent of the rugged Irish coastline but incredibly securely fits in the shape of your hand. It is generously sized. Finally…. Ireland has a whiskey tasting glass that focuses on whiskey, back in the place where the water of life “Uisce beatha” began.

  • Made in Ireland
  • Gift box included

Material - Glass

Measurement - 2 1/2″ W x 5 1/8″ H

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Mark Brommer
Awesome experience

Everything about this transaction was great, from the price, the quick shipping, the beautiful glass to the fantastic customer service. Highly recommended!

Thank you for the kind words, Mark! Your support means the world to us!

Earl Merrell
Job well done

Excellent experience with The Celtic Ranch! I will order from the again.

We love to hear it, Earl! Thank YOU for shopping small and local. Customers like you make a BIG difference to our small business!

George S Deptula
Unique Glass - Great Gift

Purchased as a retirement gift (together with a bottle of good Irish whiskey). Perfect combination. Celtic Ranch was the only place I could find the glasses.

You can never go wrong with a quality glass and a quality whiskey, George!! Thanks for shopping with us!

Brad Murray
Whiskey glass

Fantastic way to experience the adventures of some of life’s nectar!

We agree, Brad! Thanks for your support as always!

Monte snyder
Great Glass

I like everything about this glass. It has a great base, the stem keeps your hand off of the bowl, great size and the mouth opening is large enough to smell your pour as you are tasting. When friends come over to drink, they all go for this glass...I need more!!!

Thanks yes we love the tuaths....can't get any from Ireland right this minute...caz believe us we have tried! Soon I hope. Thank you Monte for your support and kind review!

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